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Heres an easy recipe that's worth a go. From Harry Foster this one. Obviously this is trout, but any smaller fish would be suitable- small cod, hussar, stripey, grassy, moses, whatever. Scale and gut the fish, then butterfly and debone. Link here where Harry gives a demo on butterflying and deboning one of our trout.

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The cheek of it, camping within the city limits So much for 3 way fridges, this one is going, and it's being replaced by a 2 way Fifteen minutes into the drive, and it started to drizzle, and it basically didn't let up all day. And so we sat in our camp, about 80m from the ocean, and Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach from a howling Easterly by the Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach, before retiring for the night.

Then a look som the towns museum, before returning via Watsonville, which has a windmill sitting in the middle of the road. We ran it on 12v today in the van, and it dloppy outperformed the 3 way on 12v. With a show of some sort coming up this weekend, a couple of the "birds" were being serviced. And so I purchased a 12v car plug, which the shop keeper told me "might be a bit light, Kurrimmine give it a go, and if it doesn't work, we'll make one up". Tablelands Pics Apart from lunch at Yungaburra, and a stop at the Curtain Fig Tree, we had done and seen nothing, except misty, foggy rain and drive aimlessly looking for somewhere to camp the night.

Never sone the brand before myself, but I'd imagine you could use just about any curry paste. As ssome approached som park, in the distance, a waterfall could be seen tumbling down the hill, which was Babinda Falls, reachable only by walking trail. The markets over and done with, we packed up headed back home, to meet up with David and Susan who came up from Cairns for a visit. But lesley DID get to see her first Jabiru.

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So, on our return to Mareeba, we called Bewch picked up the van, and wound our way down to Cairns, where eBach fridge was to be repaired tomorrow. I had decided that I would be putting a documentary together on our Cape York experience and so the external car shots were necessary. After another drink, we hopped back on the road, and found a camp spot, set up the dish, and settled down to watch Hey Hey It's And so after heading down to our favourite Charcoal Chook place, and grabbing some tea, we dragged the van back to our intended camp spot outside the shop at about 6.

Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach

Back in town, I tried to get a lady who owned an Austin A30 Countryman to part with her car - not seriously, how could I, what would I do with it - but this mint version was a copy of the second car I ever owned, and which had some amazing memories for me. And I have 22 mins done, and I haven't reached Weipa. This is a huge hill, with a rock standing on top of it which looks uncannily like a lighthouse We headed back to Chilli Beach to await the arrival of some friends who had experienced overheating problems, soe were having the water pump and fan clutch replaced this morning in Weipa.

Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach

Today, we went back into town, dropped the trailer off in a parking area deated for caravans, and took a walk thru the town, photographing the zome old buildings in the town. Despite that, we still managed to see a small Croc about 1. We weren't due in until 9.

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It Beacy a most unexpected terminus to our journey into the park, and very nice. The museum is totally different to Oakey, where the planes are housed in a large building and displayed as such.

Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach

This little town is the shipping port for our sugar pulp, and boasts the longest jetty in Australia, some 5. We filmed the Wenlock Crossing, deciding to film the other crossings on our return. It seems that 9am isn't early enough, as the birds and animals had largely left for the day. We arrived at a turnoff that indicated that if we wanted to hesd to Hidden Valley which we didthen we should go that way.

The van gleamed, the car solppy, and I was drenched. Unfortunately, smog made the viewing a little more difficult than we would have liked, but sensational, nevertheless. Back to Cairns, the phone was dead, the charger was in the van, and I was expecting a couple of phone calls. We have used slippy Camps Australia 5 book on occasion, and generally found that the sites are fairly well packed usually by mid afternoonand that isn't why we are on the road.

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Today, Portland Ro is a sleepy little beachside hamlet with just a few locals who consider this place Utopia, and a wonderful Cafe that overlooks the bay. We got a good spot away from everyone, and set up. We continued our journey onto Archer River, and after turning the engine off for the first time that day, settled back into the van for the evening. Then back to the cemetary, to witness the grave of James Kenniff. The sound of a screaming 4 stroke motor dragged us out of the van to see a Motorised Hang glider sailing overhead.

Because of the wet and the subsequent drenching in the centre of Oz, most of the birds had gone. So I waited for the group to pass, and as I started to do my thing, a Water Truck working on this section of road appeared behind me.

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Maybe some of the side trips will command their own release. This was fried spring onion, finely chopped kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass.

So tomorrow, we are out of here. We hit Kurrrimine, and after enquiring at the information centre and inspecting their excellent museum, we headed out to the rodeo ground to park up with would you believe, about vans.

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It didn't seem as tho we had been in bed for long when he came a'thumping It reached 6 Metres in The said Ravenswood 40kms, and the tourist brochure said this place was special, an old gold town, and the old buildings were preserved in classic style. Marinate the flesh side with Kaeng Kua curry paste.

And so on to Babinda, where we grabbed some lunch, noting on the wall of one building, a rain gauge, which tells of the amount of rain that's fallen in the town during the year. It will be interesting to see if we get moved on as the evening drags on. We called into Forrest Beach, stopped at Victoria Plantation where there is a sugar mill, before continuing into Ingham.

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And so now, I had to improvise on cover we couldn't work out of the back of the car - no room and get flyers printed. This was Set up in the s, as a landing place for soms for the Gold and Iron that had been discovered in the Iron ranges.

Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach

We found ourselves travelling through some lovely hilly country before suddenly finding ourselves in this lovely little town in the back woods. We then continued on down the Mt Spec range with enormous drops on the side people who have travelled in Switzerland, and NZ will probably call us wooses, but we dont care - it was scary for one of us.

Need some sloppy head in Kurrimine Beach