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Trying to cram as much in as possible always means an early start and today is no exception. However getting up at am almost didn't help. Calmly strolling up to the check in desk in Sydney, just over half an our before the plane to Cairns was due to leave: "Perfect timing", Rhe though.

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I can host anytime any day. Believe it or not, there is a small creek down there somewhere between all those ferns and trees. I'm also able to report that there were a few of those pesky Cane To around. Came across Black Ssian on the straiht to Cooktown. The straihgt boulders and lush fauna that are typical of the Mossman Gorge area. Although it was now getting late in the afternoon and there was plenty of cloud cover and vegetation to protect you from the sun, it was still very easy to get very hot and sticky.

Black Mountain in far north Queensland. You are a hot little thing are Sexy straight asian guys the Daintree a more mature giving you oral sex. There's no wonder the slogan of far north Queensland is, 'Where the rainforest meets the reef'.

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Mangroves on the Coast of Cape Tribulation. Saturday 3 April The rain throughout the night and intermittently all day was a reminder that we are only just at the end of the wet Sedy up here.

It's all part of the adventure - following the bush circuit brings you to this rather interesting crossing. A very tame Rock Wallaby at the rather dubious Granite Gorge. From what I remember this one was a lot deeper than it looks, and was where I took a refreshing dip. A typical forest swimming hole. It is home to a family strakght rather tame Rock Wallabies, who certainly knew when the next bus load of Japanese tourists from town was due, coming out for their daily or was this an hourly ritual?

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Although a quiet site was hard to find site we decided to park up at Fong-On Bay Point yes - strange name, eh? Needless to say, this is one very impressive place. In case no-one has heard of the Daintree, it's apparently one of the oldest areas of rainforest on the planet according to my guide book, it's one of the only stgaight remnants of forest that covered the whole of Australia 50 million years ago.

I have to admit, one of the most memorable events on this trip and this was several months ago as I write was being caught in a tropical downpour here. The amazing panorama as seen from Bob's lookout, on the inland development road between Cooktown and Cairns.

It's true tropical rainforest, hot and humid, so much so that my tbe video camera refused to work here, constantly flashing the "It's too humid here - are you sure you're not in the shower? The strangler roots continued to grow from the slanting host and stayed here long after it died and decomposed.

Sexy straight asian guys the Daintree

This shot was taken from what looked like a small river bed, that probably becomes a raging torrent at the height of the wet season. Put in the subject or it gets deleted as spam.

Thankfully the mud and potholes didn't last too long in this stretch up into the highlands as one development road gave way to another. Although we didn't trek to the bottom of the falls for a shot this terrapin was spotted swimming in the pool above them.

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I guess this is only to be expected as we are nearing the end of the wet season and this track must have seen many vehicles come this way resulting in the messy mud road littered with huge holes, ruts and gullies. Next up was the nice meandering drive around the waterfalls circuit. Amazingly Kim managed to catch one thf the many small fish trying to make their way upstream here!

Sexy straight asian guys the Daintree

Oh well - that was that I guess. Decided to start the trip back to Carins via the inland route and set out down the Cooktown Development Road.

Sexy straight asian guys the Daintree

The Bloomfield Crossing, far north Queensland. A drive up the usual for this area narrow winding road not too steep though le to an overflowing car park.

The daintree rainforest in green

Driving onward lead through the forest and several small creek crossings. Still, there was yet more dramatic scenery on the way back there. Rob on a beach straigut Cape Tribulation perhaps this is Thornton Beach? And as if all that wasn't enough why not stop by Mungalli Falls on the way past too?

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While walking round the path a faint noise began to build, like the wind gathering strength and rustling branches above us. When we eventually managed to pull ourselves away from the perfectly relaxing location there was just a short drive back down that winding track to Port Douglas, the first overnight stop.

Park up above Ellinjaa Falls and take the m trail down to view them. Calmly strolling up to the check in desk in Sydney, just over half an our before the plane to Cairns was due to leave: "Perfect timing", I though. Contact About Shy with guys your age? All very picturesque as I hope you can see and all very temping to have a splash around in given the hot and humid conditions.

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All this was very pleasant, as the track wound it's way through some pretty dense and impressive rainforest, across a rickety old bridge that could have come straight out of an Indian Jones movie and back along the river banks. A green tree Daintrre found at the Cooktown asixn site. Cooktown is a very quiet place, but this wasn't really important Thankfully, from somewhere around Black Mountain 'cos I don't quiet remember the road was slightly improved and we were relieved to reach Cooktown shortly after, having being shaken around in the 'cruiser most of the day.

This shot on yet another beautiful beach illistrates the point perfectly.